Placencia Community Involvement



The Singing Sands Inn not only delivers an unparalleled Belize vacation experience, but also makes sure we are part of, and contribute to, the community we live in. Besides employing and training Belizeans from all over the country, we engage in regular community service projects. You can help support these projects by bringing a few items with you when you come to Belize to be delivered to deserving organizations.

Pack for a Purpose - Placencia Community Involvement
Placencia Community Involvement

Below are two projects you can assist with:

Placencia Medical Center

This community clinic is capable of treating minor injuries, illnesses and trauma. A trained doctor is on staff.

Bandages, thermometers, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, aspirin and ibuprofen, surgical gloves, tongue blades, sutures (sterile), tape (Micro-pore 1″, Transpore 1″, Durapore 1″), Coban Wrap (2″ – 3″), antibacterial cream, eye drops, Steri-strips (1/2″ & 1/4″), first aid supplies, needles (sterile), pediatric supplies, personal hygiene items, plastic ware, protective clothing/face wear, pulse oximeters, respiratory supplies, skin prep items.

Placencia Community Involvement
Placencia Community Involvement

Placencia Humane Society

Furnish basic pet care items that all Humane Societies need on a regular basis. The mission statement of the Placencia Humane Society is Helping People Help Animals. In support of our mission, we hold the following as the core values of the Placencia Humane Society:

  • Together we hold central the welfare and care of animals.
  • Together we are compassionate and empathetic in every decision and interaction.
  • Together we are fiscally responsible and accountable.
  • Together we commit to honesty and integrity.
  • Together we stand behind our work.
  • Together we embrace constructive change.
  • Together we lead by example and with excellence.

Dog and cat food, pet snacks, chew toys, kitty litter, pet bedding, blankets or rugs. They are also always in need of pet carriers, pet crates, doggy gates, leashes, collars, harnesses, small plastic swimming pools, pet bowls, feeding trays and water bottles. Don’t forget to donate pet shampoo, conditioners, brushes, combs and any other grooming items that might be needed.

We look forward to partnering with you on supporting the local communities we are all a part of.

“…These good folks brought down some medicine for PHS and the kind staff at Singing Sands were generous enough to bring them together!
We can’t thank you enough!”


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