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Maya Beach

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About Maya BeachCatamaran moored off the beach at Singing Sands Inn.

This very appealing community was first started in the sixties by men of vision. Thankfully their ideas did not just take off right then and there as we still have green spaces and natural wildlife on our doorstep. This is the main part of Maya Beach. Please do come visit and find out why we love it here. The beach, the lagoon, the mountains ........from sunrise to sunset life is wonderful here.......

The cultural history Maya Beach of the Stann Creek District in Belize began with the Maya civilization building small settlement and ceremonial centers along the major rivers of the district.

The Maya occupied this region of Belize from the Early Classic period to the Post classic period.

More about the Maya...

Evidence suggests that in the early 1600's English buccaneers used the Placencia Peninsula as a small settlement and hiding place from the Spanish. In the late 17th century, European Traders and farmers known as Puritans settled Stann Creek Town (now Dangriga) and surrounding communities. Puritans called trading posts "stands", which over time was corrupted to "Stann". With the growth of the banana industry in the Stann Creek Valley, Stann Creek boasted one of the first and only railroads in the country.

Mask Carving on Beach

On November 19th, 1823, a large group of Garifuna from the Bay Island landed at the mouth of the North Stann Creek. The date of this mass landing is celebrated every year in Belize as a national holiday. The name of Stann Creek Town was changed to Dangriga (Sweet Water) in honor of the Garifuna people. The Garifuna culture still influences much of what happens in Dangriga, and other coastal villages such as Hopkins and Seine Bight.